Throw Back Thursday: Goldfinger

On today's edition of Throwback Thursday I'd like to remind us all of 2002's breakout album Open Your Eyes by Goldfinger. These dudes were champions in every regard. Goldfinger's 4th album was loud, fast, fun and irreverent featuring some of the must jump worthy tunes. Every time I spin into a rotation of this album, I drift off to playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 hitting the slickest long combos and skitching through elephant dung while Spokesman is blasting. While we've recently seen a release of THPS featuring some remastering, the 4th entry into this series was the best. The Tony Hawk series was well regarding for having a primo classic soundtrack and I believe Goldfinger would agree, considering they were featured not once, but TWICE.

Goldfinger is one of my all-time-favorite bands, and this album sits at the top of that list. If there was one music movement I'd want to make a dashing return, it's Punk/Ska. There's something inherently fun about trumpets blasting that makes you want to move, despite what Alex may tell you. I could go on for hours about how Punk, Hip-Hop and Skating went hand in hand with it's free spirit and Do It Yourself attitude.

So that's it, my recommendation for today's #ThrowBackThursday is to roll your windows down, throw on Open Your Eyes and belt out 17 fresh cuts of some early 00's punk. If you have a minute, follow us on Facebook or shoot me an email if you have any questions or concerns!

Wayne Gretzky if you're reading this, call me.