#TBT: He Is Legend

Throwback Thursday holds a special place in my heart, and as such I like to discuss bands that have been seared into my mind. Enter stage left, HE IS LEGEND. I was fortunate to catch He Is Legend alongside Maylene and We Came As Romans over a decade ago at a now defunct local venue and I was simply enthralled by their brand of voracious southern metal drifting off into shoegazing fantasy stories. Preparing to release their third album It Hates You, He Is Legend were still workshopping a few details but I swear by the old gods & the new that their performance was certainly what you want when you're walking in blind to a new band. It Hates You is jam packed with twelve tracks burning at a sultry 57 minutes, taking you through a desperate paranoia soundscape.

He Is Legend

Now, for the uninitiated I haven't been talking about vampires (or zombies if you were unfortunate enough to see that Will Smith adaption) inspired by the 1954 novel I Am Legend. He Is Legend leans into literary references and fantastical ideas throughout their career, discussing cults, brews and a significant fascination on witches and spells. It Hates You is where He Is Legend give up some of their southern twang for a more psychedelic-metal and solidified my love for this band. Thankfully, despite a hiatus in 2009, He Is Legend came back in 2011 and have recently crowdfunded a new album, getting away from the pressures (and support!) of a record label.

Everything's currently quiet on the newsfront for He Is Legend so in the meantime spin up It Hates You and make your body ready for a crunchy tour.