The Best Video Lighting Kit For Entry-Level Filmmaking

While searching for the best video lighting kit may seem like an easy adventure, it is a lot more difficult.  There are many things to consider forTop Best Video Lighting Kit In Studio this.  What type of film production are you looking to do?  Are you wanting to do more of an interview based documentary, are you interested in doing CGI work? Are you going to be outside?

When I worked in TV news, I remember my thoughts the first time walking onto the set after taking classes in school over it.  There was a lot more lights than I expected, and of course it was a lot warmer in there.  We will break down some of these kits so we can find the best video lighting kit for you to help you get started with production.  Then, we will look into some important facts you will need to know to get started. (The following links contain affiliate links.  This means at no additional cost to you, I get paid if you click through and make a purchase)

Top Reviewed Best Video Lighting Kits On A Budget

Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM169

Last Checked Price: $129.99

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If you want an affordable lighting kit that comes with everything you need to get started, this is the best option for you.  While this may not be the same lighting kits you see in Hollywood, this will get you started on a nice budget.  The Linco Lincostore AM169 lighting kit comes with 4 total lights and umbrellas, 3 backdrops including a green screen, and a sweet carrying case.

Aputure Amaran AL-528KIT

Last Checked Price: $599.00

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The Aputure Amaran AL-528KIT lighting kit is great in that the light angles are very easy to accomplish.  With these being LED lights, they will last a long time.  This kit also has a few light filters to help get that color you are searching for.  This is a great, professional lighting kit.

Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit

Last Checked Price: $169.99

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If you want a professional looking lighting kit with an affordable price tag, the Neewer 660 LED kit is a good option for you.  While this does only come with 2 lights, they are both LED and have barndoors included with them.  Also included are the stands for both lights.

StudioFX H9004SB2

Last Checked Price: $126.99

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Another affordable, but great quality option is the StudioFX H9004SB2.  It comes with three stands and 4 lights per each stand at 45 watts.  One of the stands is a large boom to give a great overhead angle.  At a great price point, this kit should not be overlooked.

GVM 3 Pack LED Video Lighting Kit

Last Checked Price: $299.99

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This GVM lighting kit not only has the professional look, but has settings options on the back of each light for more control.  Also including barndoors, this is a great option to consider due to its versatility.

Understanding 2 And 3 Point Lighting

There are two different types of lighting that you should be aware of: 2 point lighting and 3 point lighting.  While 3 point is used entirely more3-Point Lighting often than 2 point, it is good to still have an understanding of it.

2 Point lighting consists of a key light and a fill light used on both the left and right sides of the camera to get the entire face of whom is in front of the camera.  The key light is used as your primary source of light on the subject, while the fill light is used to help eliminate shadows.

3 point lighting is built off of that by adding what is called a "back" light behind the subject.  The key light, again, is your main source of light on the object.  The fill light is used on the other side of the camera to rid of shadows and is not as bright as the key light.  Lastly, the back light, or sometimes called a "hair" light adds definition and dimensions to the picture.

The Struggles Of Lighting

Even with the best video lighting kit, you will probably still get frustrated as it seems so much easier than it should be. Majority of my time on location was spent getting the lights right, realizing there was another unwanted shadow, and trying again.

Do not get discouraged through this process, especially for newcomers. Keep tweaking the lights until you get the picture you are wanting. When I look back at my earlier projects, I found that I could have prevented a lot of headaches further down the production process if I just would have taken my time to get it right in the beginning. Take your time and do it right. You won't regret it.

The Search For The Best Video Lighting Kit

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