The Ghost Inside Returns

Bull-In-A-China-Shop Metalcore band The Ghost inside once sang "Life's swinging hard but i'm swinging harder" rang true today. Following the 2015 bus accident that stole two lives and claimed the leg of drummer Andrew Tkacyzk, it looks like 2018 brings The Ghost Inside back to us. Well, sort of.  On The Ghost Inside's Facebook page they announced that they were making a bit of a comeback. It seems The Ghost Inside are some high quality tough dudes, considering there were gashes, burns and an abundance of glass everywhere. They're certainly showing the spirit required to break off the rust and leave it behind.

The Ghost Inside's journey ahead will be tough for sure, but that's how character shines through. (Bad Pun Incoming) If there's one band that's earned it, The Ghost Inside are Returners. And as the great Tenacious D said, "You can't kill the metal, the metal will live on."

Read the full post below.

The Ghost Inside Potrait

"This is The Ghost Inside 2018. We weren’t always sure we would make it here. All along we’ve said ‘let’s just get in a room with instruments and see what happens’. Andrew gave us 4 clicks and we sailed off into Between the Lines. Over the next few hours we hacked our way through a dozen or so songs, one at a time. Everything is different. Fingers and feet and throats that have played these songs athousand times don’t operate on autopilot anymore. But there was something special, something beautiful, in doing the thing we love by sheer force of will. Spending a week together as bandmates answered the question that has been on all of our minds - yes there is a future for TGI. We still aren’t sure exactly what it looks like. It might be one show, it might be a few shows. It could be a new song or a whole new record. Our journey into that future is just beginning, and we will bring everyone that is interested along with us. Every Monday, one band member will take over all of our social media to give you insight and updates on their personal progress, as well as glimpses behind the scenes of what we are doing as The Ghost Inside as this new chapter unfolds. We know that this is a new normal but hey, the same old thing gets boring right? Thanks for proving that you are the Tried and True."