The Interrupters Artist Spotlight

The Interrupters were founded in 2011 and are from Los Angeles, California.  This band has some of the catchiest ska punk songs I have heard in a long time, and that is why we are featuring them this week in an artist spotlight.  They are currently signed to Hellcat Records, and have featured Tim Armstrong and the rest of Rancid in some of their songs.  Let's check out some of our recommendations for go-to tunes by this awesome band!

The Interrupters Must Hear Songs

"Take Back The Power" appears on The Interrupters self-titled album that was released in 2014 on Hellcat Records.  This song took me straight back to the anarchy stand-up-and-fight songs that made me fall in love with punk music in the first place.  "Take Back The Power" is the perfect first example of the catchy lyrics I mentioned previously.

"By My Side" appears on the band's second album titled Say It Out Loud also released via Hellcat Records.  This is another example of their great catchy lyrics accompanied by some upbeat, cool ska riffs.  I love the gang vocals that they use in their songs, and this song is sure to put you in a good mood.

"She's Kerosene" appears on the band's third and most current album Fight The Good Fight on Hellcat Records.  This is another song that simply just puts you in a good mood.   It is impossible not to AT LEAST tap your foot to this song!

The Interrupters Albums You Need To Have

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The Interrupters: The Interrupters (2014)

The Interrupters: Say It Out Loud (2016)

The Interrupters: Fight The Good Fight (2018)

Don't forget to check out The Interrupters merch store that can be found here, and also check out other artists that are on Hellcat Records found here!  If you would like to see them live (which I would love to by the way if they would tour near here!), they have their tour schedule posted on their own website found here.