Throw Back Thursday: Contentions

This article was going to be another installment of "You Should Know", but I was thrown a curveball. It seems the band in question, Contentions, may no longer exist. Their Facebook page being deleted and the last tweet dating back to 2015 was proof enough to me. So! Let us look back two years to 2016 and the release of an album called Legacy by Contentions.

This is an album I personally play at least once a month. The band has an almost indescribable sound. Everything is so "roomy" and "big". I feel like I'm really listening to a work of art than a posthardcore album. The band blends piano, delayed guitars, and what I believe is a chorus effect on the vocals so well. This all adds up to a sound that, as I said, can best be described as "big". Each track has so much depth and layering. It's not an all out assault on the ears. One moment the song is beautiful ("Hollow Vessels Pt. 2"), the next you're bobbing your head to a well-written guitar riff ("Empty Promises Redux"). It really is an experience listening to this album. If the band has broken up, it's a damn shame. However, that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy their music today. Check out a music video below and pick up the album on iTunes or stream it here on Spotify (I don't use Apple Music for a good reason...). Highly recommended. A quick side note: as a graphic designer -- I'm a fan of their album art.

Contentions - Legacy