Throwback Thursday: Abacabb

Survivalist by Abacabb

Here at Black Skye, we're always brainstorming new content ideas. We got to thinking... there are so many damn albums that shaped our music tastes today. So, why not have Throwback Thursdays and feature some of these albums? Without further ado, here's our first #TBT.

I should lead into this article by saying I just recently gave this album a listen earlier this week. That aside, I had it cranked in my car that very day. This, to me, is an album that could hold weight today. The band is Abacabb (the name derived from the Mortal Kombat code to enable blood) and the album is Survivalist. It was released in 2009 -- almost ten years ago, but is readily available on your favorite streaming service (I prefer Spotify).


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