Throwback Thursday: Dead Poetic

In 2002 I was flipping through some CD's at a local record store and stumbled on Dead Poetic's first album Four Wall Blackmail and immediately picked it up. For the longest time, Dead Poetic was on heavy rotation and brought me into the fold for heavier music by leading me directly into Solid State Records and their parent, Tooth & Nail. That's right, Dead Poetic was the band that eased me into Post Hardcore, Metal and Metalcore giving way quickly to (fantastic) scene phase in which I have burned nearly all evidence. Running from 1997 - 2007, Dead Poetic released 3 studio albums Four Wall Blackmail, New Medicines, and Vices as well as a Best of featuring a few new tracks. Despite claims that Dead Poetic was still together, nothing ever materialized. Sadly, Dead Poetic isn't on anybodies roster anymore and their official site forwards to so by all accounts they've long since passed. In honor of Dead Poetic, here's the whopping 3 music videos they've released.