Top 10 Punk Songs From 2000’s For A Nice Spring Day

Spring keeps teasing us here in the Midwest, but the forecast is showing some nicer weather on the way that's giving me some spring fever.  On a nice day, I prefer to listen to punk songs from the 2000's that help me feel energetic and enjoy a cold beer under the sun.  Here are my top 10 favorite punk songs to help boost my mood and soak in the sun rays.

10. Yellowcard- Ocean Avenue

Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue album was a very popular album from start to finish that was released in 2003.  The most popular of all the songs from the album was definitely "Ocean Avenue."  Yellowcard has always had an easily recognizable sound due to the presence of violin in their music.  Check out more tracks from Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue on iTunes by clicking Here.



9. Jimmy Eat World- The Middle

Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" is one of those songs that if you've heard it, you will sing it.  If there's a part you don't know, you mumble the syllables and jump back in during the chorus.  It seemed like everyone knew this song.  "The Middle" is a track from Bleed American that was released in 2001. Check out more from the album on iTunes Here.

8. Sugarcult- Memory

Sugarcult had a couple songs that were very popular.  One of the songs is "Bouncing Off The Walls" from the Start Static album, and the other was my personal favorite, "Memory" from Palm Trees and Power Lines. Check out more songs from Palm Trees and Power Lines on iTunes Here.

7. The Starting Line- Best Of Me

As embarrassing as this may be to admit, this was one of the first songs I ever covered when playing in a band.  Because of that, I have heard this song what I can only imagine to be 10,000 times. "Best Of Me" is from the album Say It Like You Mean It that was released in 2002.  Hear more songs from Say It Like You Mean it on iTunes by clicking Here.

6. Side Walk Slam- Time Will Pass You By

I will always be a little biased about this band as they are from a small town very close to where I am from.  Side Walk Slam is from Carmi, Illinois.  ...And We Drive was released in 2003, and the song "Time Will Pass You By" is my personal favorite.  The unfortunate part, the song is only 1 minute and 41 seconds long. I have always felt like it was over too soon.  Check out more songs from ...And We Drive on iTunes by clicking Here.

5. New Found Glory- My Friends Over You

If you went through a breakup at all in the 2000's and were a fan of punk music, chances are you probably listened to this song.  New Found Glory released Sticks And Stones in 2002 and many of their songs have done well against the test of time.  "My Friends Over You" is very much a feel-good song.  Click Here to listen to the rest of Sticks And Stones on iTunes.

4. Less Than Jake- The Science Of Selling Yourself Short

Less Than Jake is the definition of what I call "summer music."  There is something about their sound that just calls for sitting outside with a beer on a nice day.  I want to say it is the brass instruments, but jazz music doesn't have the same feel.  Anthem came out in 2003 and has several great songs on the album that are difficult not to sing along with.  Hear the rest of the songs off of Anthem on iTunes by clicking Here.

3. Taking Back Sunday- You're So Last Summer

Any time this song starts in a group of people that are familiar with the song, someone is bound to sing, "She said don't, don't let it go to your head." Taking Back Sunday released Tell All Your Friends in 2002.  Between "You're So Last Summer" and "Cute Without The E" are the two most popular songs from this album.  Check out the rest of the album on iTunes Here.

2. The Offspring- Original Prankster

The Offspring is one of those legendary bands that just keep on going.  They've been around forever, and they still are pumping out albums.  Conspiracy Of One came out in 2000 and is just one of those fun albums that put me in a good mood.  Check out the rest of Conspiracy Of One on iTunes Here.

1. Sum 41- Fat Lip

All Killer No Filler is one of my favorite albums from the 2000's and an album that I enjoy every song start to finish.  "Fat Lip" had a cool, fun music video that is fast and catchy.  In my opinion, this song is timeless.  I have probably listened to it over a thousand times, and it still never gets old to me.  Listen to the rest of All Killer No Filler on iTunes Here.