Wage War Debut “Gravity” Music Video

One of my personal favorite bands since their debut LP Blueprints released in 2015 via Fearless Records, Wage War is a band that continuously impresses in every aspect. From their music, to the way they carry themselves--it's all admirable. This is a band, while still young themselves, new bands can--and should--look up to. They are what metalcore should be.

With all that being said, the 2017 release of the band's second LP Deadweight came at just the right time for me personally. The track "Gravity" was one that immediately stood out to me. I'm talking goosebumps. It really hit home for me. Check out the video below, and I would definitely recommend checking both of their albums on iTunes or streaming. You can find both albums below the video.

Wage War - Blueprints
Wage War - Deadweight