What Is Sibilance and How To Avoid It

Sibilance can destroy a good vocal take in the studio, but what is sibilance?  There is no reason to worry about this as we are going to show you what this means and exactly how you can avoid it happening in your mix.  Let me first state that sibilance almost always only applies to vocals.  Now let's look a little deeper into this.

What is Sibilance?

Sibilance is the hissing sounds or "S" sounds that pick up in a microphone.  This primarily only happens on vocal takes.  If you have already recorded a mix that you can now tell there is some sibilance with, you can find some great utility plugins to help fix this.  However, you will want to try to avoid this happening before the track is recorded.

How To Avoid Sibilance

Pop filters are mainly designed to help with plosives.  Plosives are hard consonant sounds that occur from getting too close to the microphoneWhat is Sibilance or with the rush of air from them.  However, pop filters can also help with getting rid of helping eliminate sibilance too.

That being said, sibilance can still happen even with a pop filter.  If you still hear those awful hissing and "S" sounds, a D-esser plugin will be the next step to getting rid of this.

Final Thoughts On Sibilance

If you still find yourself needing help to get rid of sibilance in your mix, we are always there to help!  We can be found through our contact us page found here.  Don't forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for updates on our new articles!