What’s Next Now That Warped Tour Is Ending

It is old news at this point that Warped Tour is finally closing up shop, but this leaves us with a few questions.  Does this mean that the punk and metal scene are dead?  Is this going to hurt the bands that perform on Warped Tour year after year?  Kevin Lyman has been putting on this great tour since 1995.  In other words, after putting these events on for 23 years, this man certainly deserves a break.   I was having a conversation with a friend about Warped Tour ending, and it brought some very interesting opinions of what this might mean for the future of this particular music scene.

Yes, music festivals are a big thing, and they are incredibly awesome.  It is one heck of an experience to get to see so many of your favorite bands performing one after one and the atmosphere that surrounds it.  That being said, so many great bands were performing on this tour that you may have not soaked in the excitement of the performance you just saw.  To relate this to another tour that may help make my point.  I went to Ozzfest several years ago.  I saw great bands like Lamb Of God, In This Moment, and Hatebreed, but the whole day, I couldn't wait to see Ozzy.  I didn't truly enjoy the experience of seeing those bands, because all I could think about is that I needed to get over to the main stage early enough to get a good spot for Ozzy.

Warped Tour 2018 Band List

Coming from a small town, ginormous tours like Warped do not travel to my city.  I would have to travel to the nearest large city to see these.  As you may already know, the main times of the year that bands tour is spring through fall.  Warped Tour took a lot of this "touring" time.  The chances of two or three of these bands traveling to my city on their own tour are now much more likely.

Lastly, I want to point out the income the bands make.  I don't have an exact dollar amount that I can throw out there, but we can make the assumption that a band among many other bands performing in a festival won't make as much as a band touring with one two other bands even with the higher ticket prices for a festival.

All of this being said, it is sad to see Warped Tour coming to an end.  Check out the Warped Tour compilation album from this year below!