Windwaker Drop Solid New Single “New Infinite”

Every now and then I hear a new track that is so damn catchy, the need to share said track becomes overwhelming. Bearing that in mind, I happily share with you this new track by Australia natives Windwaker titled "New Infinite".

Who is Windwaker? I'll let them tell their story. Pulling straight from the band's Spotify bio:

Windwaker are an Australian metalcore band from Melbourne, VIC. The act, consisting of vocalist Will King, guitarist Liam Guinane, guitarist Jesse Crofts, bassist Indey Salvestro and drummer Chris Lalic, formed in Wagga Wagga, NSW. With a mutual passion for music, the group packed bags and moved interstate in April 2015, later to drop their debut EP 'Fade' in May 2017.

In their 3 short years, Windwaker have managed to play alongside a unique range of artists – from progressive acts Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FRA) and Voyager (AUS), to post-hardcore acts Slaves (USA), Miss Fortune (USA) and In Hearts Wake (AUS).

Pick up the single on iTunes here. Enjoy!