You Oughta Know: Fake Figures

Fake Figures
Fake Figures

That's right, folks, it's time for another edition of "You Oughta Know". This time around I'm excited to share a band that features members of both Atreyu and Scars of Tomorrow. I was recently pleasantly surprised when Bob of Scars of Tomorrow reached out to me after reading my article about their new single (you can read that here). He pointed me in the direction of his new band: Fake Figures. The group features Travis Miguel of Atreyu (guitar) and Bob Bradley of Scars of Tomorrow (bass). A little backstory about the band straight from their Spotify [edited for length]:

In December of 2011 the band released their first EP Hail The Sycophants which was produced by Pete Charell (Trapt) and mixed by Shaun Lopez (Crosses, Far). The EP received critical praise and garnered key press from sources including MTV Buzzworthy, Revolver, Alternative Press, and more.

In 2013 the band entered the studio with Saosin guitarist and producer Beau Burchell to carefully craft their new EP "They Must Be Destroyed".

For 2018 the band is now in the studio tracking their third yet-to-be-title EP with producer Kris Comeaux (Assuming We Survive). The new single "Hole In the Sky" is available 5/11 and has already been heavily covered by media including Loudwire, AltPress, Spotify, BBC1 Radio, 92.9 KJEE, Big Takeover, Rebel Noise and many others.

Check out the band's track "Hole In The Sky" below and pick it up on iTunes here. It's safe to say you'll dig it. While you're at it, show them some love on Facebook and stream them over on Spotify. My thanks go out to Bob B. for reaching out!